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In the ideal museum, the bookshop just has to be there: let’s see now why this item should never cede second place to anything else.

The bookshop has novelty items and items with the name of the museum

One of the first reasons that should impel you to site a bookshop in the museum is that it can stock diverse books and guides created specifically by the team that creates content for the museum itself.
By making this kind of strategic decision, it is possible to achieve a twofold result, that is, to ensure that the name of the museum is remembered for some time and that the name can be known to many other people, who could go to visit the same museum.
It is no surprise that this strategy is used by Palazzo Strozzi, where there are many items concerning the museum that bear the museum logo, thus ensuring the rapid dissemination of the brand.
It is a good strategy that should be exploited to offer diverse experiences and above all to attract future customers to your museum.

Increasing the bookshop turnover

The bookshop is an excellent tool, or rather environment and showcase, to be sited in the last room of the museum, thanks to which it is possible to exponentially increase the headcount coming into the same museum.
Just think of the fact that, through this particular strategy, it will be possible to reduce the cost of admission to the museum a little, where this is part of the strategy, which can be compensated for by sales of diverse books in the same shop.
Therefore, we are talking about a strategy that can yield many advantages and that will permit a top-quality final result, which will serve to win over the public thanks to the various titles offered in the bookshop and to increase profits obtained.

Collectors’ items and other objects

Taking advantage of the impulse to buy is the best choice and to do it you need to stimulate customers.
There must be a bookshop full of many items, all different from each other, some of which will catch the eye of customers who, noticing them, will not be able to resist buying the same.
Therefore, it is necessary to make the most of the customer’s desire to shop and ensure that they want to search for collectors’ items, personalised novelty items or nice gifts that preserve a pleasant memory of the experience.
Thanks to the bookshop, your museum will be remembered and appreciated all the more by visitors.

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