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Bookshops and Marketing Strategies: accessibility, lighting and novelty item variety

Custom novelty items for exhibitions, museums and cultural events in general are available in a particular type of store called a bookshop. This is a business tool aimed at attracting visitors: you can buy books, reproductions of paintings and sculptures, as well as objects related to museum and artistic exhibitions. For the management of the… Keep Reading

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Bookshops and audience knowledge: study your visitors

Art exhibitions are events of increasing interest to the general public. The data on those held in recent years tells of more and more visitors who are interested and prepared. Art, thanks also to the new media that dedicate more and more space to it, is becoming more and more interesting for Italians and foreigners… Keep Reading

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Museum Bookshops: organise the ideal space in your museum

The museum bookshop must be organised with great care and precision so that you can achieve a perfect end result. Let’s see how you need to proceed so that this particular goal can be achieved easily on your part without making a single mistake. The space and the various areas A good Museum Bookshop must… Keep Reading

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