Bookshops and Marketing Strategies: accessibility, lighting and novelty item variety

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Custom novelty items for exhibitions, museums and cultural events in general are available in a particular type of store called a bookshop. This is a business tool aimed at attracting visitors: you can buy books, reproductions of paintings and sculptures, as well as objects related to museum and artistic exhibitions. For the management of the bookshop it is important to adopt real marketing strategies, starting from the analysis of the target audience and market trends in order to propose to the public what are, after all, authentic promotional articles. Buying a novelty item in a bookshop means buying a memory that remains unchanged over time and that symbolises a pleasant day spent among archaeological finds, paintings or artefacts.

One element not to be overlooked when dealing with such a store is its accessibility. Everyone must be able to enter and move freely within the store: this means that the chosen room must be spacious and easy to navigate even when crowded, without furniture or shelves that get in the way. If there are steps at the entrance, it is essential that there is a ramp for the disabled. In such cases it is advisable to rely on the advice of a furniture expert to receive valuable suggestions on the placing of the various elements. It is essential that the shelves with the goods on sale are attached to the walls solidly, that they are tough and not positioned too high. Many recommend choosing shelves of neutral or even transparent colours, so as to highlight all the items on sale.

Lighting is also a factor to consider. People who visit art exhibitions museum and ultimately want to buy a novelty item will certainly appreciate lighting that is clear but not too intense. Strong lights, in fact, tend to create feelings of annoyance, and could prompt visitors to leave the bookshop quickly without buying anything. It is also necessary to avoid the opposite error, that is lighting that is too soft: it is necessary to find the right equipment, perhaps with the help of a professional lighting technician.

Another important rule is to pay close attention to the choice of novelty items, offering a varied selection suitable for different age groups. Goods should also include children’s games, bookmarks, themed stationery accessories, and not just generic items. This is a clear sign of attention and concern for customers. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid displaying goods that are too large, which could cause the buyer transport difficulties.
In general, visitors should not have the impression of being in a classic kind of shop, but of a place from which they can take home the memory of an enjoyable experience. Souvenirs inspired by cultural events are also an excellent gift idea for those who are passionate about art and antiquities. It is essential to set up a bookshop on the basis of these simple rules, so that the overall environment is lively, welcoming and, at the same time, efficient and professional.